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Sightseeing and attractions in Zamoskvorechye

1. The Kremlin, Red Square and Vassily the Blessed Cathedral - all of them are located within walking distance from the hotel. Free Moscow bus tours (in English) starting at 10:30 AM available daily - for more details ask Reception staff or visit:

2. The largest collection of Russian art are located in Zamoskvorechye (within the walking distance from the hotel) in Tretykov Art Gallery: Founded in 1856 by influential merchant and collector Pavel Tretyakov and presented as his gift to the city in 1892, today it is the world's number one museum of Russian art and approximately 1 million visitors walk through the doors of Tretyakov Art Gallery annually. For visitors anxious to uncover the mysteries of the famous "Russian soul", the Tretyakov Gallery is the place to start. All pictures are labeled in English. Be sure to make use of the A3-size laminated information sheets found throughout the museum, - there is always at least one English version hidden amongst the Russian ones. The Gallery does not include the museum's 20-th century collection, which is kept at a separate site (1 kilometre away). Address: Lavrushenskiy side-street, 10

3. Other Moscow's most popular museums are located not far from the hotel:
Ostrovsky Museum: Some have called him the "Russian Shakespeare" and his output and national importance are indeed, comparable, writing an impressive forty-seven plays, still the bread and butter of Russian repertoire. Yet Alexander Ostrovsky (1823-1886) still remains overlooked abroad. This modest wooden house where the playwright was born and the surrounding area inspired the young Ostrovsky, who made his literary debut with sketches about Zamoskvorechye merchant life. Address: Malaya Ordynka street, 9.
Forest Museum - an atmospheric museum about one of Russia's greatest assets and passions. Forests have been at the heart of the Russian people since before anyone had considered building the Kremlin and to this day they remain vast and unexplored to quite an extent. Part of the museum is concerned with this last point and the worry that in actual fact the forests might not be as permanent as we would like; other displays include miniature models of traditional wooden buildings and others. Address: 5-th Monetchikovskiy side-street, 4
Russian Valenki (national hand-made felt boots) Museum - is the only one of this kind where the visitors can get a lot of information about such typically Russian hand-made felt boots and understand why valenki have become a symbol of real Russia with its big soul, severe frosts and vast expanses: they are unique - seamless and comfortable - and people of all classes have been always wearing them with no ceremonies. Museum displays include different models from embroidered masterpieces of the XIX century to modern art-objects. Address: 2-d Kozhevnicheskiy side-street, 12
Theatre Museum named after Bakhrushin - the biggest in Russia collection of more than 1,5 million different exhibits telling about the history of national and foreign theatres. Address: Bakhrusina street, 20

Historical attractions within the Area
• There are many Russian Orthodox Churches of XVII-XIX centuries, including the Monastery of Mercy named after St. Maria and Marfa (located on Bolshaya Ordynka street), founded by the member of the last Russian Tsar (Romanov) Family Member in the beginning of the XX century; Church of the Resurrection in Kadashi and St. Clement's Chuch (within the walking distance from the hotel)
• Many typical Russian civil buildings (Russian Merchants’ Houses) built at the end XVIII (before Napoleon’s invasion to Moscow) – beginning XX centuries.
• Many architectural monuments: Boyar Romanov’s Chambers of the XVII century are located not far from the hotel and are of great interest as a museum.

Theatres and Concert Halls. There are many theatres within the area, but as the major of them are drama (Russian-speaking) we would highly recommend to visit Moscow International House of Music where musical concerts and performances take place. Below there are some useful addresses:
• Moscow International Music House - Kosmodamianskaya Embankment, 52
• State Academic Maly (Drama) Theatre - Malaya Ordynka street, 69
• Moon Drama Theatre - Malaya Ordynka street, 31
• Russian Psychological Theatre - Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya street, 44
• Russian Spiritual Theatre "The Voice" - Malaya Ordynka street, 30/6,

Shopping in Moscow. The most famous Moscow shops are located not far from the hotel:
GUM (Main Department Store), Red Square, 3 - Built at the early XIX Century the complex has beautiful and elegantly-decorated interior, comprising of three parallel arcades with central fountain and roofed by a splendid glass ceiling. Looking more like a palace than a shopping centre, GUM offers you designer shopping and cozy cafes on-site.
TSUM (Central Universal Store), Petrovka str., 2 - One of the largest department stores in Russia. TsUM has upgraded itself into an expensive store with collections of nearly all the top European designers. The store located next to the Bolshoy Theatre and has more than 100 years history.
Okhotny Ryad Shopping Mall, Manezhnaya Square, 1 - The Shopping Center “Okhotny Ryad” is situated in immediate proximity to Red Square, Alexandrovsky Sad (Alexander Garden), Teatralnaya Sqaure and Tverskaya Street. Three underground levels of the Center contain more than 100 shops, restaurants, cafes on-site, exchange offices, cash dispensers and pay phones. Unique interiors, wide range and convenient location attract huge crowds of people.

You can get more information about shopping in Moscow, if visit:

Moscow Entertainment and Nightlife. Moscow has an amazing array of nightlife options and a scene for everyone – from jazz-lovers to hardcore clubbers, there is a wide range of night clubs, discos, bars... Try and enjoy all sites of Russian capital - Moscow never sleeps!
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